Music for Kids and Families

Programs for children and families bring together world-music, language, movement and imagination in a high-energy mix to create an exciting interactive experience.  Original salsa, swing, samba and hip-hop songs inspire free self-expression in a spontaneous, joyful atmosphere for people of all ages. Eli takes crowds on journeys to the moon, under the earth, and into the imagination, one of the most exciting places of all!  Audiences are invited to learn new languages, share their ideas and move their bodies in a positive, inclusive environment. And that’s just the beginning…


Eli Rosenblatt y Si Limon play Cuban-style Salsa, Son Montuno and Cha Cha Cha.  If you have a body, this music will make it move!  From a trio to an eight piece ensemble, this group brings joy and rhythm to festivals, music venues, weddings and events of any size.