Lessons & Classes

Music Lessons for Children and Adults

Music accesses the deepest parts of our mind, body and heart in a way that nothing else does. Eli creates a space where people of all ages can explore and enjoy their own unique musicality and creativity.

In his South Seattle studio, students can learn guitar, ukulele, drums, percussion, piano, singing, songwriting and recording in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Music, Movement and Language for Preschool and Elementary

Is your class in need of a specialist to teach Music, Movement and Language? Look no further! These classes introduce young children (preschool-3rd grade) to the joys of music, movement and language in a fun, free-spirited atmosphere. Eli teaches the kids a mix of his original songs and old favorites along with movement, foreign language, rhythm and more.

Songwriting Workshops

Writing and performing an original song is a life-changing experience. In his songwriting workshops, Eli draws on a lifetime of songwriting experience to empower others to create their own compositions. By taking risks and allowing himself to be imperfect in front of his students, Eli helps them to let go of their own insecurities and share their creativity with others.

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